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The key, of course, is to be consciously aware and catch yourself when you begin to operate as a victim, and then quickly alter your mindset and behavior to become personally responsible for your inner reaction and state.

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Accountability is taking ownership for the results or activities in which you have a role. Being accountable requires personal responsibility, as your results will always be influenced by your inner state.

If you do not take responsibility for your inner state, you cannot fully own your accountability. Imagine a company culture in which everyone is clear about the distinctions between personal responsibility, accountability, and blame? What if each person is always looking at where and how they are responsible, rather than blaming themselves or others? Clearly, different people have different levels of responsibility and associated accountabilities. They share in successes and look together to resolve problems when they arise.

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Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas The four key areas that visionary leaders must address to identify the breakthroughs required to achieve their big visions. Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership Great transformational leaders see the big picture and the relationships between market, organizational, human, and cultural dynamics.

Similar complaints were examined in two recent Emergency Medicine EM editorials Anger Management, ;47[4] and Broadside Journalism, ;47[6] In the first, we noted that PCPs sometimes are angered when they are not consulted about one of their patients in the ED or about a treatment or disposition plan with which they disagree, while EPs are frustrated by the number of phone calls required to reach some PCPs or a knowledgeable covering physician.

Why another editorial about physician-to-physician miscommunications and name-calling? Because patient care is significantly affected. Although emergency medicine had been considered initially, it has never been categorized as a primary care specialty.

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