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Edited by: Larry E. What was life like for the gangs of New York and others thrown into the nineteenth-century slammer? By: Michael Zadoorian. A funny, poignant, thoughtfully rendered novel about love, fear, death, race, music, and the intense passions of youth. By: Chris Abani. A breathtaking novella from the award-winning author of Song for Night and GraceLand.

By: Eric Charles May. By: Tony Bellotto.

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The highly entertaining debut crime-fiction novel from Brazilian music icon and best-selling author Bellotto is finally published in English. By: Bernice L. By: John O'Brien. By: William Heffernan. By: Paul Fattaruso. The latest release from Hotel St. By: Kwame Dawes. By: K'wan. By: Kirsten Dinnall Hoyte. By: Persia Walker. Front Page meets Harlem Nights : a riveting and racy historical mystery set in s Harlem. Edited by: Akashic Books.

By: Lauren Sanders. A literary international espionage novel, with some eroticism to boot, set between Israel and New York.

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  7. A powerful immigrant story of family, love, assimilation, and a provocative look inside the contemporary book business. By: Joe Meno. By: Yongsoo Park. By: J. Powers and M. For young Adam Jones, inheriting the family business is more than a rotten hand. Edited by: Miles Marshall Lewis. By: Kevin Holohan. A hilarious and satirical debut novel exploring religious hypocrisy in an Irish secondary school. By: Shannon Holmes. Author of the mega—best seller B-More Careful , sales is back with an irresistible hard-boiled crime story.

    By: Jaime Manrique.

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    The masterful and dramatic final installment in the highly acclaimed Changers YA series pulls no punches. In Book Two of the Changers Series, our protagonist undergoes a second transformation—returning to a male body. By: Stacey Lender. City Mouse is an irresistible debut that examines what it means to find your place, revealing unspoken truths about motherhood, friendship, and the thorny pursuit to have it all.

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    Edited by: Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalon. By: Akashic Books. By: Timothy Brandoff. By: Robert Arellano. Robert Arellano, author of the Edgar-nominated crime novel Havana Lunar , returns with another spine-tingling noir from Akashic Books. By: Peter Kimani.

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    By: Laurie Loewenstein. A classic murder mystery set in the s Dust Bowl that portrays the era with great beauty, tenderness, and sorrowful authenticity. New paperback edition; twenty artists illustrate twenty stories from the best-selling author of Hairstyles of the Damned. By: Eric Gamalinda. By: Yuri Kapralov. By: Lauren Stahl. By: Nathan Larson. Debut novelist Larson presents the first book in a literary-noir series featuring an obsessive-compulsive protagonist in a ravaged New York City.

    By: Anthony C. Celebrating the th anniversary of the modern novel, Akashic Books publishes a Don Quixote for the era of graft: racketeering politicians, stolen elections, and total-bullshit recalls!

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    By: Katia D. Oddball sexuality, acts of perversion, and out-of-order behavior from the acclaimed Jamaican author of The Lunatic and Dog War. How funny is this social satire? By: Arthur Nersesian. The first book of plays from the author of the cult-classic The Fuck-Up over , copies in print. A modern-day King Lear , a novel of greed, resentment, jealousy, betrayal, and romance set in Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados. Echoing Jonathan Swift, Preston L. Allen breaks new ground with a novel that is part allegory, part fantasy. California Book Award—winner Greer presents a hilarious and immaculately written story set in LA, exploring the inevitability of failure.

    By: Martha Kinney. Fast Eddie is a convoluted Oedipal adventure blending low-brow scenarios with high-art diction, reminiscent of Robert Coover, John Hawkes, and Edmund White. By: Sterling Watson. A riveting novel of ideas exploring the perils of hazing and feverish masculinity on a high school football team. By: Edward Cohen. Life is teetering on the edge of the apocalypse in and around the tiny Washington State coastal community that occupies the center of Firewater , a posthumously released, brutally funny environmental suspense novel.

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    By: Theasa Tuohy. By: Justin Kassab. By: Mazaradi Fox. Following her best-selling, award-winning novel Glorious , McFadden produces a fantastical historical novel featuring the spirit of Emmett Till. By: Karen E.

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    Half-sisters Kara and Alex—one the biracial product of foster care, the other of dysfunctional privilege—struggle for redemption and forgiveness. By: Gina B.